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Executive Development events



Tuesday 27th April 2021, 9h00-10h20 CET

9h00 CET


Hiep Hoang, Solutions Consultant, UKG HR Service Delivery


Wellbeing - supported by Digital Solutions –                                                                      a strong foundation for our Culture Transformation                                                

  • Novartis' purpose is to improve and extend patients live. 

  • As part of our cultural transformation we wanted to give all our 126k associates tools & strategies to improve their quality of life – at work and at home. 

  • A Digital platform was developed that we are in the process of                                 rolling out: Cultural transf.; Sustainable High Performance; Energized for Life

Urs Karkoschka, Head of Performance Innovation, Novartis


Agile à la carte - HR in the Agile Transformation                                                            

  • Client centricity is our driver, adjusting to different business needs and           thriving to exceed expectations while being utmost flexible is our daily business. The key is our people & the way we collaborate.

  • In our presentation we will demonstrate that there is not just one right way,    share valuable insights from our journey and explain how we drive the agile transformation built on our employees, managers and power networks.

Jan Krellner, SVP-HR Project & Transformation, T-Systems

10h00 CET



Hiep Hoang, Solutions Consultant, UKG HR Service Delivery

Hiep supports and advises global organizations in the transformation of their HR from the realization of digital personnel files to end-to-end process digitalization within HR services. Prior to his position as Solutions Consultant at UKG, he gained vast experience in various positions at OpenText, focusing mainly on HR.

Dr. Urs Karkoschka,

Head of Performance Innovation, Novartis

Urs is Head Performance Innovation since April 2017. In this newly created role he focuses on innovative ideas to bring human performance in Novartis to the next level. One key priority is to maximise the partnership with Tignum and ensure all Novartis associates are aware and use various tools and strategies that positively impact their brain & body in a sustainable way. This initiative is called Sustainable High Impact under Energised for Life.


He joined Novartis in September 2005 as Head of HR for Technical Reserach & Development (TRD) and then moved as Head HR for Technical Operations in Pharma. TechOps had almost 9.000 associates in 24 sites around the world. The last almost 8 years he was Head of HR for Region AMAC in Pharma. In all the roles he helped to build the people and organisational capabilities for the success of the units and developed a passion for cultural transformation.


Before he joined Novartis he worked for 13 years in various roles in HR in Aventis/Sanofi-Aventis, Marconi (Telecommunication) and Bosch (Automobile). He lived and worked for 1 year in Boulder, Colorado (USA) and worked as a consultant. He also spent one year in London with Marconi.


Urs received his business degree from the University of Hohenheim in Germany and did his Ph.D. in Industrial and Organisational Psychology in Hohenheim as well. He is married, has 2 kids and lives in Germany. He is a ski-instructor, loves working in the garden and has a passion for soccer.

Jan Krellner, SVP-HR Project & Transformation, T-Systems

Since 2019, Jan Krellner is heading the newly established HR Projects, Transformation & Countries Unit at T-Systems. In his role as HR Leader, he focusses on transforming T-Systems and its HR segment into a flexible, agile and learning organization, where innovative ideas and visions for the future can emerge and grow.

Jan Krellner joined T-Systems in 2001. Prior to his current role, he held various HR management positions such as HR Lead of the IT Division or Head of the HR BP Operations unit, a department that evolved from re-thinking and developing the HR model at T-Systems.

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) is the future of PeopleDoc, which will become the HR Service Delivery arm of one of the largest cloud companies in the world.


At UKG, Our Purpose Is People, and we believe that organizations succeed when they focus on putting people first.

UKG’s HR Service Delivery platform includes case management, process automation, and employee file management and empowers HR, managers and their employees to boost productivity, increase employee engagement, manage global compliance and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

With more than 12,000 employees around the world, UKG's own workplace culture has been named a best place to work all over the world, including consecutive years on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

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