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Tuesday 20th April 2021, 9h00-10h20 CET

9h00 CET


Jaime Prins, Teamlead Solutions Consulting, UKG


Breaking through barriers by starting Small and unleashing the Human Potential  

  • Flexible use of talents by creating 'smartjobs' (short term internal assignments) 

  • Cooperation in the ecosystem of the labour market with 'cross sector mobility' which focuses on enabling people to shift careers voluntarily to another sector.

Nathalie Hazenberg, HR Strategist Org. Agility, ABN AMRO Bank &                     Author of 'Give me a Break'


The end of HR Management

  • HR has to meet the challenges of the workforce of the future to                    engage and reinvent itself. 

  • The old HR paradigm must be let go and make way for a completely          different HR approach. 

  • The integration of sustainable employability, diversity, TM, employee development, recruitment for internal and external personnel, the use of            big data and  workforce analytics will be of vital importance for                   organizations in the coming years.     

  • HR must be designed in such a way that it helps organizations to                withstand unforeseen circumstances, developments in the labor market,  economic and technological developments as much as possible. 

Roeland van Laer,

Author of 'Het einde van HRM' (The end of HRM)

10h05 CET



Jaime Prins,

Teamlead Solutions Consulting Central Europe, UKG HR Service Delivery

Jaime is leading the Central Europe HRSD Solutions Consulting team, advising global organizations in digitizing and automating HR operations.


Within his role, he supports potential customers in their journey to digitize HR services with the main goal to increase efficiency, ensure compliancy and make HR adaptive to future needs. This ultimately leads to HR providing the best possible service to their employees.


Jaime has over ten years of international experience in various HR consulting roles and has developed a broad understanding of the challenges that come along with digitizing HR services. Apart from that, Jaime also founded a Non-Governmental Organization with the main purpose to create positive role models through sports in poor communities in South Africa.

Nathalie Hazenberg, HR Strategist Org. Agility, 

ABN AMRO Bank & Author of 'Give me a Break'  

Nathalie has more then twenty years of work experience in change management and human resources in the financial sector and has a coaching and consultancy firm for team and organizational development. She studied business economics and labour studies in Amsterdam.

Nathalie is a breakthrough thinker and believes in new ways of working and organizing for a better future. She has developed the BREAK approach to breakthrough thinking in practice and applied it in many ways. The approach is for people who work with heart and soul in organizations, but encounter obstacles. People who feel that things have to be done differently, but don't know where to start. Nathalie helps find a breakthrough to re-use the full human potential. She wrote a book about it and donated the revenues to charity.

With her enthusiasm and practical approach with many examples, Nathalie has a very empowering impact on people to give their personal leadership more space, to take action based on what they believe in.

In the past six years Nathalie has been focusing on organizational agility of ABN AMRO and breaking through barriers that prevent the organization to be nimble. This started with modernizing the performance management, then creating room for self organizing teams, learning to change in a more organic way instead of reorganizations, a new global job model based on skills and currently she is working on more room for flexible use of talents by creating smartjobs (short term internal assignments) and cooperation in the ecosystem of the labour market with ‘cross sector mobility’ which focusses on enabling people to shift careers voluntarily to another sector. This all happened by starting small, experimenting and learning from within to create a case for change.

Roeland van Laer,

Author of 'Het einde van HRM' (The end of HRM)

Roeland van Laer is an HR strategist and expert. He held various HR and management positions for over 25 years. Due to the rise of agile organizations and developments in the labor market, he sees that traditional HRM is inadequate. He has devoted the last years of his HR career to optimizing his model to radically improve HRM.


Roeland holds an MBA from Business School Netherlands. He wrote his Dissertation entitled 'Working apart together in a flexible labor market' and thus laid the foundation for his book. Together with Alliander, he was nominated for the Werf & Award in the categories Recruitment and Labor market communication and with Alliander won the Werf & Award public award in the Recruitment category in 2020. He has many years of experience with corporates and has held various HR and management positions at USG, Antonius Hospital, ING, Tata Steel and Alliander. Currently, Roeland is a partner at independent consultancy Labor Redimo, where he helps organizations design and implement innovative HR strategies and solutions. Roel's mission is to wake up HR professionals and make them look at their role fundamentally differently.


Roeland has written various articles on themes such as total talent acquisition, total workforce management and HR strategy and regularly speaks at conferences. In addition to his work at Labor Redimo, he is a semi-professional musician (bass guitar) and has played on various CDs. Roeland is married to Marie-Line and together they have two children: Thomas and Mélanie.

This book (in dutch) is about people. People who work with heart and soul in organizations. But run into obstacles. People who feel that things have to be done differently. But don't know where to start.                   This book is about breakthrough. Breakthrough to re-use the full   human potential. Potential that is badly needed to sustain           organizations in a rapidly changing world. With a practical 5-step plan BREAK, pioneers in organizations are inspired to follow their heart        and do what they believe in.  Available here

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) is the future of PeopleDoc, which will become the HR Service Delivery arm of one of the largest cloud companies in the world.


At UKG, Our Purpose Is People, and we believe that organizations succeed when they focus on putting people first.

UKG’s HR Service Delivery platform includes case management, process automation, and employee file management and empowers HR, managers and their employees to boost productivity, increase employee engagement, manage global compliance and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

With more than 12,000 employees around the world, UKG's own workplace culture has been named a best place to work all over the world, including consecutive years on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

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