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HRcoreEVENTS by Teneo

Speaking Guidelines
Live Event

As a speaker we want to provide you with the

best support possible, so you can be

well prepared and focus on what’s important    

___ General Speaker Memo

  • Do not focus more than 2min. on company information

  • Use images where you can (43% more effective).

  • Include 2-5 short bullet points on each slide.

  • Focus on real examples and avoid theory.

  • Showcase the problem, the solution and the result by

       using the 'who, what, when, where, and why'

  • Create a situation where delegates can practically             use what they learned.

  • The audience will only remember 3 messages and            35% of what you say.

  • After a presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories. Only 36% remember statistics.

  • Involving the audience and create an interactive, conversational experience.

___ Checklist

Being prepared is key to making sure that you’ll be confident when

giving your presentation.


This will help you get your point across in a transparent manner,

without over-explaining things.



  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse (always aloud).

  • Memorise your opening line. 

  • Practise your speech from written notes. 

  • Practise presentation flow. 

  • The power of silence. 

  • Have a backup. 

  • Arrive early. 


People need to be able to understand your message from       the very start, so they don’t get bored.


  • Use Images

  • Killer Title and Description

  • Create a Script/ Story - start with the big picture and                slowly move to more detailed information.                          Talk about successes/ failures/ mistakes.

  • Every Slide should have a Goal/ Reason

  • You're welcome to do some short survey's/ polls, please send questions to 


  • 1 month before: I (Michael) should have received your final Title of Presentation + 2/3 bullet points

  • 2-3 weeks before the event: We should receive your presentationNo specific format is required.                      You can use a 16:9 format Power Point or PDF. 

       Remember: basic presentation is 25min. + 5min. Q&A.                    

       Send to Michael by email or . It will be

        very important to let us know about videos and demo's,                        if you have included them in the presentation.

  • On D-day, we will welcome you at the A-V desk               (back of the room) 30min. BEFORE YOUR SESSION: we'll hook your microphone (headset) on +             explain how the PowerPoint switcher works.


  • The presentation will be run from OUR PC!! 

  • You will be introduced by the Moderators.

Panel Discussions:

  • They consist of 3-4 speakers (+moderator), lasts for 30min. and no preparation is needed.

  • Each speaker is asked to introduce themselves by the moderator and         give their opinion/ angle (3-5min.) on the main theme.

  • Questions will come from the audience & moderator. 

As always, I will keep you updated regularly and ready to answer your questions & doubts, Michael


During the presentation

Some of the most important aspects of a speaker’s presentation are all about being coherent, avoiding long pauses, and of course, keeping the spirits up.


  • Keep your Energy highTalk with PassionDress well for the occasionBe AuthenticCreate an ExperiencePractice Body language and movementKnow your materialDon't rush it!,Use Humour and emotionPrepare MentallyBe ConfidentHave a conversational talkUse Note cards,Always SummarizeHave Fun!

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