HRcoreEVENTS by Teneo

Speaking Guidelines
Virtual Event

As a speaker we want to provide you with the

best support possible, so you can be

well prepared and focus on what’s important    

___ General Speaker Memo


  • Do not focus more than 2min. on company information

  • Use images where you can

  • Do not include too much text in your slides as it                            makes it difficult to read

  • Focus on real examples and avoid theory

  • Showcase the problem, the solution and the result

  • Create a situation where delegates can practically                    use what they learned

  • The audience will only remember 3 messages and                            35% of what you say

  • After a presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories.              Only 5% remember statistics


___ Checklist for both

       ‘LIVE’ & RECORDED presentations


Being prepared is key to making sure that you’ll be confident when

giving your presentation.


This will help you get your point across in a transparent manner,

without over-explaining things.



Offline public speaking and online conferences are

two different things. You don’t need to worry about anything as

our production team are here to look after the technical side

enabling you to focus on delivering your message.


You need to be aware of everything around you, the event’s schedule,

the Q&A session, etc.


  • Prepare your Voice (drink tea with lemon or honey)

  • Check what’s Behind you (no teddy bears or family photos)

  • Prepare your Content & Practice

  • Learn about the Programme/ Audience

  • Calendar check-in (be ready 30min. beforehand)


People need to be able to understand your message from the

very start, so they don’t get bored and leave the online event.


  • Use Images

  • Killer Title and Description

  • Create a Script - start with the big picture and slowly move to more detailed information. Talk about successes/ failures/ mistakes.

  • Every Slide should have an Objective/ Reason

  • You're welcome to do some short survey's/ polls, please send questions to 


During the presentation

Some of the most important aspects of a speaker’s presentation are all about being coherent, avoiding long pauses, and of course, keeping the spirits up.


  • Keep your Energy high

  • Talk with Passion

  • Dress well for the occasion

  • Be Authentic

  • Create an Experience

  • Practice Body language and movement

  • Know your material

  • Don't rush it!

  • Begin y with a grabbing question 

  • Use Humour and emotion

  • Prepare Mentally

  • Be Confident

  • Have a conversational talk

  • Use Note cards

  • Always Summarize

  • Have Fun!



  • You will be invited to join a very quick (2min.)      'technical session' a week before the event: to test     your connection, webcam, sound, firewall,...                 For this, you will have to download the                            Application of Microsoft Teams

  • You will then receive a login number and               'speaker link' to join the event on D-day.                      The 'speaker link' will give you access to the    'backstage' of the event.

  • We will welcome you 'backstage' and double check everything is in order 30min. BEFORE YOUR SESSION.


  • You will be introduced by the Moderator.

  • You will have control over your slides but                    won't be able to share your screen.

  • Participants will be invisible and muted but questions  will be picked-up by the Moderator through the Chat    on the event platform (Hubilo).

  • If you encounter issues that you believe might be caused by FIREWALL restrictions, those can be fixed in a few steps by

  • your IT administrator adding in your company’s allowlist,            the ports needed: More Firewall info. here

  • As always, I will keep you updated regularly and        ready to answer your questions & doubts, Michael


  • Use Internet (ethernet) cable connection if possible,     not wi-fi

  • Test Connection before going live on

       Must be > 5 Mbps​

  • Lights in front of you, not behind

  • Do not use wireless Earphones

  • Camera with Resolution > 720p, Aspect ratio 16:9

  • Clean out any Distractions ( computer pop-ups )

  • Use Google Chrome 

  • Reboot your computer a few hours before 

___ 'Live' Presentation

No specific format required.

16/9 Power Point or PDF.

Send to Michael by email or 

___ Recorded Presentation

mp4 format required.

Please wear the same clothes and background if

you will also do a 'Live' Q&A.