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Executive Development events


Managing the Sales Psyche through Compensation Plans

Tuesday 28th September 2021,           10h00-11h15 CET zone

Managing the Sales Psyche through Compensation Plans


Join Varicent EMEA General Manager, Matthew Blanchard  as he interviews former Varicent Concert founder, Sanj Sanampudi.


They will discuss Sanj’s journey from CFO of Sanergy and Return Path to founder of the newly acquired Concert Finance.


They will touch on the importance that experience and decision making plays, whilst outlining how compensation plans can help manage the sales psyche. They will discuss how customers are changing the way they think about people management and the importance that simplicity can play.


Keep your sellers motivated and your incentive plans compliant.  Discover how easy it is to calculate commissions, bonuses and to build your sales compensation programs – no matter the size of your business.


Join us and learn more about Varicent Concert, its behavioural science approach to designing compensation plans and how it can help your organization grow.


Matthew Blanchard

VP EMEA, Varicent Software

Matt has 12 years’ experience in the Sales Performance Management industry. He has led practices at Nice Systems and IBM and now leads Varicent in Europe.


Matt has worked with small to enterprise level organisation across a range of industries including telecommunications, insurance, banking, retail, technology and pharmaceuticals. Matt's significant experience in this industry makes him a thought leader in the space, providing guidance to organisations on industry trends and ways in which technology can be best leveraged to provide tangible benefits to customers.

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