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Executive Development events


Improving Plans, Operations, and Pay

to realize a

greater Sales Force

24th NOVEMBER 2020, 10am CET, 9am UK

Improving Plans, Operations, and Pay to realize a greater Sales Force


The influences pressed on HR to implement a strategy that will attract and retain top talent starts with a keen and well-divined plan for execution.

Many of the best examples are part of a shared relationship between sales, sales operation, human resources, and revenue operations to regularly

make adjustments each period to motivate and recognize teams or

individuals for improved performance.

During this 1h session, learn how organisations align from the back

office to the boardroom to execute successful plans that recognize the

right revenue, improve employee participation, and find the right

balance of equity in pay, for improved performance.

Experienced practitioners will discuss what they curate in the right

processes, period review, change management, compensation design,

and goal setting to achieve sales force success.

Marcus Houghton,

Global Incentives Manager, IT industry

Marcus has been in the compensation and planning domain for over a decade.

During this time he has deployed more than five technologies including

Varicent during his tenure at Virgin Media. He has done this with the intent of

helping companies with planning and implementing strategies that align the

objectives of the back office to the behaviour of people in sales.

Anshul Gupta,

Vice President - Industry Solutions, Varicent Software

Anshul has been maximizing the potential of sales force effectiveness,

sales performance management, and business analytics programs for over 26 years.


He spearheads business transformations across multiple industry segments, to

fuel revenue growth by steering customer experience, motivating sales behaviors and

optimizing sales operation processes.


He is passionate about diversity, community, organizational talent,

employee engagement, and driving sustainable outcomes.

Matthew Blanchard

VP EMEA, Varicent Software

Matt has 12 years’ experience in the Sales Performance Management industry.

He has led practices at Nice Systems and IBM and now leads Varicent in Europe.


Matt has worked with small to enterprise level organisation across a range of industries 

including telecommunications, insurance, banking, retail, technology and pharmaceuticals.

Matt's significant experience in this industry makes him a thought leader in the space,

providing guidance to organisations on industry trends and ways in which technology can

be best leveraged to provide tangible benefits to customers.



Start - 10am CET

  1. Introduction to POP -                                    Matthew Blanchard, VP of Sales EMEA, Varicent

  2. How to realise a greater sales force -           Marcus Houghton, Global Comp. Manager,       IT industry

  3. Questions and Wrap-Up -                              Anshul Gupta, VP of Industry Solutions, Varicent

End - 11am CET 

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