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Executive Development events


Total Rewards in the next 18 months:

Insights from Business Practice

Thursday 9th July 2020, 10h00-11h15 CET

Total Rewards in the next 18 months:

Insights from Business Practice

Xavier will be analyzing the results of an extensive Survey on Total Rewards;

1) Current changes within the underlying elements of total rewards (base pay, STI,   LTI, cost reimbursements, pensions, vitality, ICT, mobility, charity, L&D, holidays, flexible working, inclusion/participative management, physical work environment).

2) Expectations within total rewards during the next 18 months.

Xavier Baeten,

Head of Reward Center, Vlerick Business School

8 Questions Every Sales Leader Should Be Asking

That Will Impact Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Is there a new normal? Or is it time to revisit the fundamentals?

Successful sales leaders are challenging conventional wisdom and avoid

following the frenzied "pack" mentality in go-to-market strategies.


Join this session to discover eight questions every sales leader needs to ask

themselves with an honest review of their organization. Leaders in

telecommunications, medical equipment, and manufacturing join this conversation.

Does your process need more structure? How should sellers spend their time?

How do you arrive at a fair and equitable plan? How can analytics help improve

decision making at every level?


Matthew Blanchard

VP EMEA, Varicent Software

Matt has 12 years’ experience in the Sales Performance Management industry. He has led practices at Nice Systems and IBM and now leads Varicent in Europe.


Matt has worked with small to enterprise level organisation across a range of industries including telecommunications, insurance, banking, retail, technology and pharmaceuticals. Matt's significant experience in this industry makes him a thought leader in the space, providing guidance to organisations on industry trends and ways in which technology can be best leveraged to provide tangible benefits to customers.


Paul Peters,

Product Marketing Director, Varicent Software

Paul is an accomplished and strategic marketing professional with over 20 years of experience helping software clients make better decisions and take better actions. Areas of focus include finance, sales management, sales operations, and human resources.


Xavier Baeten,

Head of Reward Center, Vlerick Business School

As founder of the Vlerick Reward Centre (composed of 2 knowledge and research centres: the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards and the Executive Remuneration Research Centre), Xavier has a unique focus on and extensive experience in reward management. His favourite topics include: total rewards, translating business strategies into reward policies, developing reward strategies that work, pay-for-performance, reward communication, age-conscious rewarding and employee motivation. For Xavier bridging theory and practice is the key which he does by combining a strong academic  record with close collaboration with a large number of organisations.


Since 2006 Xavier has broadened his scope to include also corporate governance and more specifically executive remuneration. Xavier completed a practically focused Ph.D. in this field. The Vlerick Reward Centre has developed a large Europe-wide database on executive remuneration which is updated yearly.


Xavier is frequently requested  as speaker by  employer and employee associations the media and the political world. Further, he is member of a number of remuneration committees and advisory boards.

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