Best Reward conference 2021
Best Total Rewards event 2021



Total Rewards conference 2021

15th & 16th JUNE 2021

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TUESDAY 15th JUNE 2021

8:45 CET                                                                                                           Opening of the Conference by the Chairs:                                                        Peter Newhouse, EVP, Global Reward Counselor, Unilever &  Xavier Baeten,                                                               Head of Vlerick Reward Center, Vlerick Business School


9:00                                                                                                                    Reinventing Reward for the Future -                                                      Constantina Tribou, Global Head of Reward, Unilever

Q&A with Constantina

10:30                                                                                                          Panel Discussion with                                                                                              Piergiuseppe Ragone, HR Director C&B EMEA, American Express & Matt Blanchard, VP Sales, EMEA, Varicent & Konstantinos Karavidas, Global Rewards Leader, IKEA & Peter Newhouse, Unilever

  • Why do performance management processes 'fail' so often?

  • 3 trends in reward technology?

  • How do you get them to ‘go the extra mile’?

  • Should Performance ratings be replaced by continuous feedback or should they go hand in hand?

  • Can we give zero bonus to employees?

10:00                                                                                                                    Rewards challenges of a niche industry and                                                      how we overcame them -                                                                             Karolina Szczepanska,                                                                                   Global Head of Total Rewards and Mobility, KWS Group

Q&A with Karolina

11:00 CET                                                                                                     Coffee & Networking


9:30 How a Dutch Telco Company Connects Sellers and Partners with Answers - Boyd Sijbrandij, Compensation Manager, Major Telco. & Matt Blanchard, VP Sales, EMEA, Varicent

  • A Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company, aims to provide a better network for better possibilities.

  • Join this session to discover why they selected Varicent as their sales performance management solution to help them automate manual tasks in the commissions process, while offering their sellers and partners a personalized experience.

Q&A with Boyd & Matt

11:20                                                                                                             Creating a High Performance Culture -                                                             Markus Enzner, Executive Director Total Rewards, Johnson Controls

  • Linking different elements of compensation to performance and allowing Managers to more or less flawlessly chose between those different elements

  • Giving Managers a lot of responsibility and freedom at the same time, while linking all Manager decisions to an employee's performance

  • The difficulties that Corona provides especially on the pools that are needed to fund the High Performance culture

Q&A with Markus

11:50                                                                                                                  HR Trends and implications for Reward -                                                            Tom Haak,                                                                                                     Director, HR Trend Institute

  • Tom will outline some of the important trends that affect people and organisations, and he will talk about the possible implications for reward of these trends.
  • Using the current trends and anticipating future developments might help to increase the effectiveness and impact of reward.
Q&A with Tom

12:20                                                                                                                 Re-think Reward for Agile working teams -                                                      Davide Picerni,                                                                                                    VP Global Reward Consultant, Swiss Re

  • Differentiator elements for agile working teams and implications on reward

  • Successes and lessons learnt from the pilot we've been running at Swiss Re

Q&A with Davide

12:50 CET                                                                                                      Lunch & Networking


13:40                                                                                                               Merit pay in a new Performance Management era -                                            Xavier Baeten,                                                                                                      Head of Reward Center, Vlerick Business School

Results of a study conducted on how companies link base pay increases to PM:

  • Translating findings from academic research on pay-for performance into relevant recommendations.

  • Reward pros. opinions on their current merit systems.

  • Reward professionals' dreams in the field of linking base pay with performance.

  • Techspecs: what do current (and future) merit pay systems look like

  • How to communicate on merit increases?

  • Discovering a wide range of practices

Q&A with Xavier

14:10                                                                                                              Employee Rewards Redefined -                                                                              Aleksandra Arhipova, Head of EMEA North, beqom

Companies today spend a lot of money on rewarding and incentivising their employees, but not all of them are doing this in the most effective way. Considering the paradigm shift that the world has undergone this past year, leaders need to be more aware of their employees’ needs to know how best to support them.

In this presentation aimed at rewards leaders, Aleksandra will:

  • explore social issues and pressures facing employees today of which employers should be aware;

  • outline some key questions to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your compensation strategy;

  • offer a structure that can help you redefine your employees’ rewards experience in line with your strategic priorities;

  • suggest some ways in which companies can optimise their strategy to balance costs while also restoring and reinforcing their employees’ sense of stability and trust.

Q&A with Aleksandra

14:40                                                                                                             Flexible Reward options as a trend in C&B -                                                   Carsten Gebhardt,                                                                                               Head of C&B, Novartis

Q&A with Carsten

15:10 CET                                                                                                         Coffee & Networking


15:30                                                                                                              Panel Discussion with                                                                                              Mark Goodyer, Head of Reward & Recognition, Sodexo & Karolina Szczepanska, Global Head of TR and Mobility, KWS Group & Davide Picerni, VP Global Reward Consultant, Swiss Re

  • What is the end goal of your reward and recognition program?

  • How flexible can we be with base pay for different talent groups?

  • New Immigration & Tax technologies?

  • Do equity plans align shareholder and employee interests? If not, why not?

  • 3 ways to simplify & harmonize our systems?

16:30 CET                                                                                                             Wrap-up & end of Day 1                                                                                      16:40 CET




8:45 CET                                                                                                           Opening of Day 2 by the Chairs:                                                                     Peter Newhouse, EVP, Global Reward Counselor, Unilever & Xavier Baeten,                                                             Head of Vlerick Reward Center, Vlerick Business School


9:00                                                                                                              Redefining our Total Rewards Framework -                                            Konstantinos Karavidas, Global Rewards Leader, IKEA

  • Creating a Values-driven Total Rewards framework that is not entirely defined by market benchmarking

  • Introducing the theme of Sustainable Rewards

Q&A with Konstantinos

9:30                                                                                                                       A New approach to Short-Term Incentives (STI) -                                              John Beadle, Global Head of Performance and Reward, ABB

  • How we redesigned the STI in order to:
  • Drive business strategy
  • Support organisation change
  • Create a performance culture
  • This session will cover the approach taken to the redesign, the changes made and the results to date

Q&A with John

11:00 CET                                                                                                     Coffee & Networking


10:00                                                                                                            Competing on Reward Differentiation rather                                                          than Pay Benchmarking -                                                                                    Jon Ingham, Director, Strategic HR Academy &                                                      Author of ‘The Social Organization’

Companies are looking harder at innovating reward, however, true transformation is often blocked as a result of the perceived risk of change and need for competitive pay positioning. Change therefore requires greater clarity in what an organisation wants to be paying for, and the courage to find people who will value this

  • Opportunities to compete on reward differentiation rather than pay competitiveness

  • Reducing focus on market pay rates to stop perpetuating inequality

  • Selecting reward elements that best meet organisational requirements

  • Why the risk of changing reward approaches is now less than keeping current approaches in place

Q&A with Jon

11:20                                                                                                                  Job grading 3 times over 8 years - Why & How we did it -                                  Lex Hoogstad,                                                                                                Global Head of C&B, D&I and Intl. Mobility, Vibracoustic

Q&A with Lex

10:30                                                                                                              Panel Discussion with                                                                                        Piergiuseppe Ragone, HR Director C&B EMEA, American Express & Aleksandra Arhipova, Head of EMEA North, beqom & Matt Blanchard, VP Sales, EMEA, Varicent & Xavier Baeten, Head of Vlerick Reward Center, Vlerick Business School

  • How could we help employees to cope with stress time Management and burnout syndrome?

  • Reward technology – what to expect?

  • Corporate values - how far are these reflected in your reward strategy?

  • Is it possible to measure accurately?

  • Are employees receiving meaningful feedback?

  • How do you know if your rewards program is offering the right levels of total remuneration to recruit and retain staff?

12:20                                                                                                                 Our journey towards a purpose-led                                                              proposition in Total Reward -                                                                      Christopher Collet, VP-HR Innovations - Global Rewards & Crossborder Workforce Strategy Lead, Bayer

  • Bayer is fundamentally transforming Total Rewards based on an employee and business-centric proposition which is based on Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose propelling the employee experience by optimizing monetary and non-monetary contributions and strengthening the emotional connection employees have to the vision and purpose of the company.

  • We are transforming the full spectrum across Pay, Wellbeing, Benefits, Career and Crossborder Workforce, founded on our key beliefs to enhance flexibility, increase leadership empowerment and continue our journey of our innovation culture towards a modern understanding of rewarding and recognizing performance.

  • Ultimately, we intend to cater for the speed of change and the ongoing business transformations with these changes.

Q&A with Christopher

12:50 CET                                                                                                      Lunch & Networking


13:40                                                                                                             Retain Top Talents and drive the                                                                   Business forward though Total Reward -                                                          Sonia Neffati,VP C&B, OD and Intl. Mobility, ArcelorMittal

  • Drive performance and increase retention through the redesign of STI’s & LTI’s

  • Communication of total reward

  • Non-financial rewards

Q&A with Sonia

11:50                                                                                                                Moving C&B into Global Services -                                                                    Anna Dotrelova,                                                                                              EMEA Compensation Leader, Johnson & Johnson

  • Structure of Total Rewards organisation in J&J before and after the change in setup

  • Lessons learned after 18 months

  • Use of Intelligent Automation in Compensation

Q&A with Anna

14:10                                                                                                                 Re-shaping our Total Rewards Strategy -                                                     Shereen Alaa, Global Head of Total Rewards, Henkel

Comprehensively reviewing our Total Rewards Strategy and Concepts to:

  • Reflect Henkel’s “Purposeful Growth Strategy” and HR Vision

  • Strengthen Henkel’s position as “Employer of Choice”

  • Adapt to the changing expectations and needs of our workforce

  • Deliver a superior employee experience

Q&A with Shereen

14:40 CET                                                                                                         Coffee & Networking


15:00 Panel Discussion with Stefano Pittiglio, Head of Global Expatriates and Benefits, Ferrero & Yvonne Prang, Sr. Global Reward Dir. CoE, McDonald’s & Shereen Alaa, Global Head of TR, Henkel & the Chairs

  • How often are employees rewarded and/or recognized?

  • How does your organization communicate with employees about your reward and recognition program?

  • Internal electronic communications: How do you create your message? How do you keep things in control without controlling the communication?

  • 3 effective ways to boost Reward Technology?

  • Why empower line management on reward – what are its benefits?

  • Who oversees the administration and implementation of your reward and recognition program?

16:00 CET                                                                                                              Wrap-up & Farewell                                                                                              End of the HRcoreREWARD seminar                                                              16:10 CET


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