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Virual Events that make a Difference

Engaging existing and potential customers, can do wonders for any business.                    Our webinars make it possible for businesses to do exactly that,                        helping them reap a variety of benefits from cost and time savings to       better branding value and an enhanced online presence.

___ Webinars


We provide Online events, meetings, learning and networking initiatives for smaller groups that want to share their knowledge, experience, products, strategies and surveys in order to increase visibility and broaden their global reach.


These sessions can last for 1-2h and range from 10 to

500 online participants.


We will provide expert speakers upon request to support

you through case-studies and Q&A.


___ How does it work?


Contact us with your specific requirements and goals, we

will then contact participants which meet your criteria.


The requirements can be based on:

  • Job functions (CHRO, Director, Manager etc.) in Recruitment, HR Development, C&B, Employee Engagement and more..

  • Country

  • Industry

  • Number of Employees


___ Examples?

Varicent (IBM): we were asked to gather 60 participants for a Compensation & Benefits webinar.                                                  We received over 300 registrations from Sr. Reward professionals and over 50% stayed online for more than                30 min. with an average interest rating of 97%.

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PeopleDoc: asked us to focus on Scandinavia for their event on ‘Increased Productivity during the Crisis’.

Over a 100 people registered.

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___ Benefits?

  • Webinars develop Authority and Trust

  • Virtual events create Business Relationships

  • Interactive webinars help you Understand your Target Audience

  • They raise Brand Awareness

  • Webinars are Affordable

  • They are Recorded

  • Webinars build your list and generate Qualified Leads


___ How much does it cost?


We can customise packages to your specific needs so get in touch and we will work together to determine what suits your company best.

Contact Renaud Nyst, Business Devt. Director at renaud.nyst@teneoevents.eu 

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