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___Talent in The Cyber Age Seminar

14th & 15th November 2012

During this seminar, we will look ahead to where executive development and education are moving in the coming decades. Globalisation, transformation and digitalisation are driving our world deeper into the Cyber-Age. We have already entered it at full speed, and this has had, and will continue to have, a dramatic impact on executives’ education and development.

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Speaker panel

  • Global Head of Talent & Leadership, Novartis
  • HR Director Continental EMEA, Akzo Nobel DP
  • Global VP Talent Management, Hertz
  • VP HR Talent Development, Bayer
  • HR Director, Coca-Cola
  • Head of Succession Planning and Career Development, ISBANK
  • Assessment Center Head, ISBANK

In the Cyber-Age we will see

  • Our world is vanishing into the digital and virtual world. Artificial Intelligence will equate with the analytical intelligence of humans. Virtual reality will mirror the real world. The digital world will become increasingly independent from human control, and highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence will enter the ‘workforce’. Even executive activities will become increasingly digitalized.
  • Quantum leaps in the development of communication technology and devices will lead to ubiquitous global communication between humans and machines and artifacts.
  • Changes in the work environment. The workforce will consist of people, robots and Artificial Intelligence-based programs and entities. The need to create new jobs to replace the digitalized ones, and to provide work for the growing population will lead to new definitions of work.
  • Population growth, urbanization, migration and the shift from the Atlantic towards the Pacific will change the economical and political landscape.
  • Megacities will be becoming centers of political and economic power, as well as hubs for socio-cultural development.
  • A growing global polarization and divide. Shortages (water, food, raw materials, energy) will increasingly challenge our way of life.